Crafted Mustard in Dijon in 1777.

Grey Poupon is a delicious brand of Dijon and Wholegrain mustard.  Dating back to 1777, this is an authentic mustard brand that’s stood the test of time.  Our mustard is still made in the traditional French manner and includes white wine.  This helps deliver a smooth, rounded and piquant flavour.


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Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard
Homecook hero

The Homecook Hero.

We want to fly the flag for the homecook hero.  Those people who value great ingredients and cooking from scratch for the people that matter.

The person stepping up on Christmas Day to produce a spectacular meal for the family.  We want to celebrate people who love food as much as we do.

We want to promote a more traditional approach to food with our mustard.

In a fast paced world full of uncertainty, dietary issues and stress, Grey Poupon believes in sticking to simple, honest and quality ingredients.

We believe this will make the world a better place; eating in season, cooking from scratch, sitting round the table for meals and valuing the little shared moments in life.

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Grey Poupon Mustard
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